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Since its establishment, has managed to position itself as a leader in the deployment of telecommunications infrastructure. From the first moment of its inception, SCS has focused on providing high-quality services to the telecommunications industry. Thanks to our outstanding team of experienced professionals, who have extensive technical knowledge, we are capable of deploying highly efficient, cost-effective and worry-free telecommunications infrastructures. Therefore, SCS is a comprehensive service partner which provides all of your telecommunication needs.

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Product Range

SCS products ranges from self-support or guyed towers, monopoles, micro-poles, safety fall-arrest equipment, and other supplies. Choosing a standard tower reduces the design and manufacturing times, which means that your towers will be up and running in record time. We offer a comprehensive design service for the tower, which takes into account the client’s selections, and we also establish a cost-effective structure that can be designed and produced in our factories whenever a custom solution requires it. All credit goes to our expertise and extensive knowledge in manufacturing, which makes us aptly qualified to design efficient towers that meet the functional and structural needs, in a cost-efficient manner. We carry out the project starting from the design, detailing, testing, all the through manufacturing and safe delivery/installation. We have experienced project managers and field teams among the best in the industry: We use advanced techniques & process for project management to ensure on time delivery whilst maintaining the highest quality.

Our Services

Mobile Sites

Providing structure for mobile sites, including towers, palm trees, lamp holder, monopoles, and rapid deployment units (RDUs).

Poles Manufacturing

Manufacturing and supplying poles of different lengths: 3 m, 6 m, 9 m, 12 m.

Site Acquisition

We assure the issuance of all legally required site permits.

Civil Work

Performing the site civil work construction and Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) preparations.

Telecom equipments installation

Installing the site telecom equipment.

Integration and Commissioning

Compiling the site’s Telecom Equipment Integration and Commissioning.

End-to-End Solutions

Site Construction

Rooftop Site Construction

Tower Construction

Equipment Installation

Camouflage Towers

Our Features

Maintain all the characteristics of the single tube tower; the camouflage tower makes a significant progress, and gives the exterior elegance and splendor. We build a bionic tower, like a real palm tree; to aesthetically suit the surrounding natural environment. The SCS camouflage towers have durable structures and a wonderful appearance based on the beauty and splendor of the environment. Therefore, when placing it between the real trees in the parks, tourist areas and fields, the tower blend perfectly with their environment.

Aesthetic Feature

Designing custom state-of-the-art large wire framework replaces the traditional platform hidden in design leaves, which enhances the tower’s beauty.

Strong and Stable Structure with Cutting-Edge Technology

We use reinforced concrete structure in the tower’s foundations, which reduces risks and eliminates the impact of the uneven subsidence in the foundation. Furthermore, the fixed splint for feeder wires is equipped inside the tower to prevent the sun, rain and wind damage; which prolongs the life of the tower, and contributes significantly to the prevention of damage caused by natural factors.
In addition, every section of the tower’s body is connected by fine finishing inner flange, ensuring the concentration and perpendicularity, avoiding security risks related to other connection methods.

Long Life cycle

Lasts for many years, while retaining the exterior’s elegance: Made of advanced composite materials, as well as being waterproof, fire-proof, and corrosion-resistant; our camouflage technology will maintain its appearance without exfoliation. Therefore, with relatively mild external forces, the combination of our advanced designs, the use of durable materials, and our expertise allows for extended durability of our towers.








Camouflage Towers

Site acquisition

Site selection often plays a key role in the planning, design and deployment of the telecommunications network; Hence, our site acquisition is a multi-tier process. We first begin the development process with proper due diligence and thorough site analysis. Our Site Acquisition team is focused on finding the most cost-effective Sites combined with signal analysis to insure the technical viability of the location. over the years, we have strengthened our relationship with commercial real estate entities and the government authorities, in order to secure key sites / locations, and the handling of all legalities.

Mobile Site Deployment

Our PMP certified teams are committed to manage and construct projects by offering high-quality solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. Furthermore, we maintain relationships and close ties with sellers and subcontractors, and we work with local suppliers to improve the efficiency and the cost of the project. We also provide detailed scope of work reports, project forecasts, and cost estimates. In addition, we provide technical support services for all types of communications infrastructure and project management. Our Company ensures a holistic approach, from basic startup projects’ development and planning all the way through the completion of major turnkey projects that we are entrusted with.

Mobile Site Deployment

  • Green Field Site Construction: detailed design, drilling, pile cap, Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) foundations, lattice tower, bipolars painting and installation, Outdoor Unit (ODU) foundations, ODU and shelter installation, Aviation Warning Lights (ALW) and electrical work, site preparation, backfilling, boundary wall, decorative fence, entrance, soil and compaction testing.
  • Roof Top Site Construction: detailed design, cable trays supply and installation, pole installation, power panel board and installation, power and grounding.
  • General Support Maintenance (GSM) Room Preparation (MEP work): supply and installation of all the MEP requirements, including fire resistant doors, doors sensors, air conditioners, raised floors, false ceilings, fire-fighting systems... and so much more.
  • Telecom Equipment Installation and Integration

    Wireless Network Installation includes testing, planning, by performing the following tasks: Installation of the 2G, the 3G, Long-Term Evolution (LTE), and Wi-Fi; in addition to swaps, integration, assigning and testing of wireless and power cabinets, system configuration, and the sites integration, including the test calls, and hand over calls using the test equipment. The SCS engineers’ expertise covers the demands of many top global traders and distributors, including: Huawei, Sony Ericsson, ALU, and NSN.

    Performance services

    At SCS, our Network Performance Solutions Department focuses on prioritizing the optimization of the economic and technological efficiency of the telecom network.
    In addition to our vast experience within the telecom industry, we also offer the use of independent tools; preparing detailed reports and measurements tailor made specifically for each client, according to their needs and requirements

    Microwave Installation

    Microwave transmission projects, including site survey, line of sight, transmission plan, link design, installation, alignment, readiness test; in addition to testing the various models and capacities of transmission equipment, and installing indoor and outdoor equipment, including antennas, distribution units, data files (DF) panels and system configuration.

    Indoor Building Solutions (IBS - DAS)

    SCS is distinguished by its extensive experience in deploying indoor buildings solutions throughout the region. by rolling out our solutions through dozens of telecommunication towers. SCS is an exclusive distributor for Rosenberger IBS material in the UAE.
    These towers include skyscrapers, malls, as well as governmental properties, where the access means are considered crucial in these institutions. SCS IBS team has worked with various Malls, high rises, governmental entities and managed to overcome and solve critical issues related to sites’ acquisition and access, working hours, day vs night shifts, malls security procedures... etc.

    FTTx Services

    The fiber deployment main purpose is to connect homes, public buildings / institutions, and mobile sites. It is the fastest growing field in the telecom industry; given the need for faster and more reliable networks, and the convergence of services as well. This work requires careful planning and execution of projects. SCS FTTx Deployment Services include a range of professional services at competitive prices; to secure the lowest total cost for the TCO of the network. Our FTTx Deployment Services include fully integrated solutions, which span from comprehensive surveys, design and planning, throughout the installation, operation and testing of the network.

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